Friday, May 21, 2010

AAAAAAND.... I need to share this blog from Jason Mraz because he is amazing and positive and beautiful inside and out. He definately was a bit of a source of inspiration when I was on the upswing and that blog hit home. I have been uncomfortable lately getting myself to say that I am doing well, as opposed to 'i'm fine.' But when I say out loud that I am doing good, well, great... it makes me feel better and lift my chin up higher. That's one thing I am working on.

I am fucking awesome.... as are you, I suspect... and in the words of Mr. Mraz... 'la la la la la la la life is wonderful...'


I don't do drugs, yo.

So The Blogess was talking about her love affair with Netflix today... which I also have. It's not as serious as my love for Green Day, Eli Roth or the ex- but its pretty killer. She mentioned a movie about cremation that I would like to watch, if I can find it.

Soooo, speaking of Netflix... I have another current love, and thats of stand up comedians. More-so than before, since I started listening to the Nerdist podcast (@nerdist), I Love Movies (@Dougbenson), Comedy Death Ray. Those 3 seem to be involved in an incestuous circle of comedian friends, cause the same people are on each other's podcasts. I like that though, since I get to hear alot of Chris Hardwick/Hard N Phirm, Garfunkel and Oates, Aziz Ansari (oh, another crush), Nick Thune (I loooove his laugh!), so I dig it all. Wellllll, I do enjoy Doug Benson, despite his heavy marijuana use (which I am vehemently against overall), so to be supportive I watched his 'documentary' Super High Me (available streaming through netflix). Well since I watched that Netflix things I love movies about marijuana use! Hmm, maybe the excess of Doug Benson in my life is why I had that crazy weed dream (see previous post). So, while Netflix hasn't been too intrusive, that is one thing I am not digging... I dont wanna watch more pot movies, and if I did I would seek them out. I know I am a major weed prude, but its flat out illegal in NY, so I wouldnt bother getting involved. I also don't like how unpredictable it is, as well as making people lazy and useless... Whatevs...

I did a sick yoga class last week! It aggrivated my sciatica, but I am going ot give it a shot again tomorrow (well I guess today, technically). I haven't been excited to exercise in a looong time, so I have to capitalize on it while i can! I've been battling a bit of a funk over the single life (which I would like ot change if I can) as well as just feeling a little screwed by people. I also consider skating again and then I am reminded of some of the reason I didn't want to and the conflict gets worse... BLARG.

Thats me for now :)

-Be Love.... I am trying...

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friggin Weird Dream, Yo!

OK, so last night I woke with a start around 3:30am. I was face down on my bed and I saw something all over my bed and pillow. It kind of looked like oreo crumbs (no I wasnt eating cookies in bed) but in my mind I thought it was something disgusting. I sat up quick and brushed it off my bed whil efreaking out. Then suddenly all I could smell was pot... I was tasting it to... Now, I don't do drugs, there is none in the house and i am the only one in the house. I check outside my open bedroom window- maybe the neighbors were smoking... RIGHT outside my window... no dice, I didn't see anyone. I finally get up and wander the (very small) house to see if I could figure out what was happening....

I couldnt smell anything outside of my bedroom and i ate a peppermint patty real quick. I went back into my room and it didnt smell anymore. The taste was gone as well... and I fell back to sleep pretty quick.

Now my question is-- what the hell happened? Did I really wake up or was it ALL a dream (I cant definitively find a peppermint patty wrapper that was from last night-- there was a couple on the coffee table. There wasn't any evidence of that 'black stuff' that initially freaked me out either... It's freaky and I wish I could figure it out. Hurts said maybe it was a hippy ghost :)

I guess I will never know.