Saturday, April 24, 2010

Some People Trip....

"Some people trip... and some people turn that trip into a beautiful, beautiful dance" -John Mayer

I had to save that. I was watching an episode of Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory and he and John Mayer faked a horrid drunk club exit. They decided to go out again, but not be jackasses and that was the sentiment John shared with Rob about the whole thing. I thought it was great.

On another note that I wasn't going to bother to share, but since I started... I read an article today re: South Park and the death threats they recieved. They brought back the whoel Muhammed debacle. They were able to avoid trouble the last time they had it as a story line, but it got bad this time. They have never showed an image of the prophet muhammed, yet this time they showed muhammed, allegedly inside of a bear costume. So the radical islamists went crazy and basically said that they could easily end up like the murdered guy who made a movie about islamists absuing women. As a result Comedy Central took it upon themselves to excessively censor the episode. They bleeped out anytime they said the work 'muhammed' and they bleeped out Stan's speech at the end. It would have been great if it was just Trey and Matt being funny, but it was taken out of their hands and the big wigs made that decision.

What really sucks about this whole thing is that we have to be concerned about insane radicals who thing that murder in the name of their god is not just fine, but amazing and great. I will never understand that feeling (let alone the desire to blatantly follow a religion at all). I may love to shoot sideways, but never could I kill a person. It's beyond possible for me to wrap my brain around it all. People like that make me anxious. Just as the crazy bastards shooting up their neighbors in Albany just make me shake my head out of anger and sadness.

I got nothing insightful or constructive to say. Sorry about that. I just think its all stupid. Gangs, bullying, murder in the name of god (by islamists as well as christians, killing gays and abortion doctors...), disrespect, anger... I try to deny ideas and actions such as criticism and negativity being verbally expressed by myself. If i catch myself I stop myself, or at least aknowledge how wrong it was and move on.

I need to start posting pics and stuff.... bear with me. I will try to do that from now on :)

Be Love


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