Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Like a ride.

I have a bunch of busy, mildly exciting weekends coming up. So as I roll through the normal work week I realize really is like a ride. An amusement park ride actually. I feel like the workweek is like standing in line for the ride. I am talking brand new mega-coaster line. Work and stuff is like me standing in that line tapping my foot and trying to look past the people in front of me to see if I can see the front of the line. Unfortunately weekends are nothing like a roller coaster. I guess thats good and bad. The roller coaster euphamism is usually used to describe a tumultuous relationship. In this case we use it to only describe the fun that the ride in general is.

So most weekends are stuffed with derby stuff. This weekend I will tentatively be going to the Pioneer Valley bout... mostly to watch the mens bout... so that should be all right. Especially if they have Dirty Dozen tees. They are camo. I love rollerboys.

The following weekend I will be reffing for the first time. Yay. The the following weekend its to Boston with Ida and Eloda for a Boston double header.

Than I think I get some time off. I love my chill weekends. Unfortunately then tend to be lonely. I tolerate it. Its the times like these that I miss having a significant other. The guaranteed date, barring no unforseen solo plans. I have been single for over 2 years, and my last date was around 13 months ago. I am totally due for a date, yo!

Anyways, back to the point. I definately need to learn to chill the F out and stop working for the weekend. Time will go, and getting anxious for the next week, day, hour, will cause me to miss some possibly nice things along the ride. I could be making friends with the people in line with me (not literally, unfortunately, cause I am wayyyy toooo shy to meet strangers).

I still need pictures in these posts...

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